What’s So Special About Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors provide a tremendous amount of style and beauty to a house. Choosing the proper type of flooring is crucial in order for it to look good and fit well with the rest of the home. An expert local Durham flooring company will be able to give you an idea of the different types of flooring that are available and what ones will work best in your specific situation. There are several factors to consider when choosing the best flooring for your home. Having an idea of these factors will allow you to choose the flooring that will fit your needs and compliments your lifestyle.

One factor that is very important when choosing hardwood flooring is the type of sub-flooring you have. Some examples of sub-flooring are brick, ceramic tile, slate, granite, etc. The type of sub-flooring you have will affect the final appearance and durability of the flooring. A well-expired hardwood floor can add a tremendous amount of style and beauty to any home. However, a mistake many people make is installing the flooring over scratched and damaged sub-flooring.

Many people believe that if they buy high-grade, pre-finished hardwood, there will not be any problem with the imperfections. This is completely untrue. For instance, if you have old carpet that has not been vacuumed in a few years, you may notice small imperfections in the pile. These imperfections can greatly reduce the life of the flooring. On the other hand, engineered wood floors have many layers which help to make the flooring more durable and withstand scratching and gouging. If you have a scratched carpet, a high-grade engineered floor can be the perfect solution.

Another major problem with off-gassing hardwood floors is that they are extremely hot. In fact, in some areas they can be more so than standard wood flooring because of the off-gassing of acrylates or phenolic chemicals. Acrylates off gassing is referred to as “air effects” and is caused when the furniture, linoleum or laminate flooring moves from one spot in the room to another. This can happen with even the simplest things like a door hanging open or the TV on a table. In addition, air effects off gassing is most often found in the higher quality hardwoods like teak.

When talking about the best hardwood flooring, it’s really all about moisture resistance and stain resistance. Any flooring with less than a 0% moisture resistance rate will begin to show signs of yellowing quickly. In addition, if the flooring becomes wet, the color will fade to a silver grey. Top layer stain resistance helps to prevent new stains from permeating through the finish and bottom layer stain resistant helps to keep water away from the floor.

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of stain, wear and moisture resistance, then engineered floors are the best choice. Engineered floors are made of either solid hardwood or veneer with a hardwood overlay. The solid hardwood is usually engineered to have a cross-engineered top coating of teak or oak. Both materials are sealed to provide maximum resistance to moisture. Engineered floors are available in both the engineered look (which is basically a veneer over the hardwoods top coat) and the solid hardwood look (which are basically a solid hardwood floor).